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[REBDB-260] The Absolute Unrivaled Idol! Arina Hashimoto

[REBDB-260] The Absolute Unrivaled Idol! Arina Hashimoto

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ID Code: REBDB-260

Release Date: 2017-11-02

Category: 1080p,HD,Idol,JAV

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This also is REBD-274, as written on the cover, but R18 sells it as REBDB-260. The explanation is this:

  • REBDB-260 is the Blu-ray edition.
  • REBD-274 normal edition.

In any case is the same thing. And what else to say about Arina… she is incredible. There are a few videos from her catalog that I haven’t posted yet ( just 3 or 4 ), but once I post them I will have her 100% catalog posted. The only 2 other girls I have posted full catalog are Takasho and Yua.

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