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[OFJE-141] The Legend Of Takachiho – Suzu Takachiho

[OFJE-141] The Legend Of Takachiho - Suzu Takachiho

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ID Code: OFJE-141

Release Date: 2018-03-19

Category: 1080p,HD,JAV

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Yet another Suzu Takachiho compilation, great… not.

And, without any good reason, yet another Takachiho Suzu compilation, courtesy of S1 studio. Yes, we know Suzu sells well, and yes, we know S1 holds the copyright for the video materials. But this is weird and even excessive, we already had a “Gold Best” compilation.

Even more, because this OFJE-141 is a mere 10-hour collage of all Suzu Takachiho footage stitched together, they call it “best of compilation”, but a 10-hour video dump is not a “best of” compilation anymore. That’s yet another thing Japanese AV studios are bad at, making AV “compilations”. Duh.

The only good thing I can think about this that I can think of is that we can rewatch her stuff, for those who don’t know her, or for those who could not get her videos before. First and second part are the best.

We know S1 still wants to make money off the name of this girl, but if they really wanted to make big money they should have never let her retire after only 3 releases.

Even more shameful was to stage a Fake comeback and publish her 4th release when they already knew Suzu Takachiho was very much retired already. Even more shameful was to publish a video with just discarded scene scraps.

So here we are, 2 years later, and still talking about the “legend of Suzu Takachiho”. Funny title for an AV release. For me she was great. Rare beauty, tall, impossibly slender, sun-tanned, very inexperienced, sexy as hell. Sad to think about the things she could have accomplished in AV. Nowadays, still 22.

Suzu Takachiho goodbye from AV gallery edition

[OFJE-141] The Legend Of Takachiho - Suzu Takachiho


Suzu Takachiho BEST AV PORN


Suzu Takachiho JAV

Suzu Takachiho AV

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what happen to her man ? what she doing now a days?is she really retired?


Man it’s a pity that such a jewel has left the industry. Any idols you think has the same standard as her ??


Downloaded the cd1.part1, but I can’t figure out if it’s my video player (quicktime- worked fine for other videos) and/or the file extension that’s not working correctly. Renaming it .mp4 typically works, but it’s not recognized as a movie with any extension I’ve tried.