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Ebisu Muscats Show gets canceled

Well, it’s has been announced that the Ebisu Muscat show (at least in its current form), will be canceled after the emission of the final last 3 episodes, which are remaining.

The show was aired on TV Tokyo and began as “Muscat Night” from October 2015, Then it was “Muscat Night Fever !!!” from April 2017. And lately, it was Muscat Backstreet.

I kind of liked the show. Because I could watch some of the top Japanese AV actresses to interact in some unusual ways. And at times the group was really stacked with many awesome girls.

Btw, if someone is interested in purchasing physical Ebisu Muscats stuff from Japan. Check this link here. Such as their photobook, or music Cd’s. They ship abroad fine, and I used them many times. 🙂

So why got canceled?

There is a combination of reasons that explain why this happened:

  • Low ratings.
  • Important members leaving permanently.
  • Important members being absent in many shows too often.
  • Present members not implied enough.
  • Many of the present members suck and are not fit to talk in front of the camera.

I think is a combination of all the above, and in all honesty, the show was sucking lately. Even the episodes that could be considered good, had very bad skits. And the bad episodes were simply too bad, and probably didn’t gather enough ratings.

In the last season, the ship was sinking badly already. And the 4 very notable ex-pornstars that joined the show lately were not enough. Namely, Rio was too quirky. Sora and Mihiro did a decent job, and… Yuma is just Yuma.

Moving on…

So I will post the remaining episodes. If the anon who subtitles them posts them online. Which has not been the case in recent weeks.

Now I’m thinking to post Gaki No Tsukai (no laugh show) old episodes. Which is NON-JAV related, but Japan-related and is pure comedy gold. And I have a sizeable good collection. 🙂 Let me know in the comment section if there are enough people interested. (There are some popular clips on youtube if you guys have no idea wtf im talking about).





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Paul FieldsBakayaro (Admin)SalvoPandakabodots Recent comment authors

oh yeah gaki no tsukai would be a good idea. i’ve been a fan for years now and would love to see some vids here 🙂


The Ebisu Muscats will be on AbemaTV with the midnight show between thursday and friday (japanese time), but AbemaTV is not visible outside of Japan, unless you use a VPN.
So, for me, no more show with the Muscats (I will never pay a VPN just to see the Muscats).
I will continue to follow them on Twitter.

Paul Fields
Paul Fields

Any chance of seeing the original Ebisu Muscats and Black Muscats shows (2008-) with subtitles ? With the original godesses :))


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