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Rio top 3 JAV and profile

It’s Rio Time

I have been posting Rio videos this month, and I’m extremely pleased to say that I found virtually everything that I wanted to find. Even the very old MAX-A videos of RIO, which some are very good and rare. All have been posted on this website. And many of which are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. 🙂

Also, it’s shocking, how many compilations of Rio have been made. Dozens and dozens of compilations. Some compilations ridiculously long, like 24 hours of film footage, or even 48 hours of Rio videos. Which are too long to be of any convenience, in my opinion. Unless for crazy diehard Rio fans.

I guess they sell well. Because even in 2017 we had some new compilations of her. So yeah, one of most legendary JAV actresses. Certainly a solid top 5 ever, at least in my mind.

Rio profile (りお)

Name: Rio, りお
Alternative names: Tina Yuzuki, 柚木ティナ, Tina Sodeki, Tina Sodegi
Ethnicity: Japanese/Portuguese (50%/50%)
Born: Tokyo. 29-10-1986
Blood group: A
Height: 154 cm
Measurements: 84-58-83
Bra size: C
Years active: 2005 – January 2016
Ebisu muscats member:

Twitter: rio_lv_vly (Active).
Instagram: rio_lv_vly (Also active and mantained, cool pics 🙂 )
Blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/rio_carnival/ (largely outdated).



2005: Debut as Tina Yuzuki. MAX-A studio.
2006: Wins best new actress award.
2007: Changes stage name to Rio.
2008: Joins S1 studio very briefly.
2008: Wins best AV Actress Award.
2009: Wins 2009 AV GrandPrix award for her duo collaboration with Yuma Asami. Including most sales and best AV.
2009: Returns to MAX-A briefly.
2009: Joins Idea Pocket studio. (And never leaves, with much success).
2010: Begins appearing regularly in mainstream films and series.
2012: Gets voted number 10 in a top 100 all-time best AV actresses poll done by DMM to celebrate 30 years of JAV.
2016: Retires.


1. IPZ-127

IPZ-127 is as classic as a JAV can get. And perhaps one of the best and most successful JAV releases of all time. A crossover collaboration with Aino Kishi and Rio, no less. Done in 2013 by Idea pocket studio, Rio and Aino both had already legendary status in the JAV industry, and very successful career runs.

I cannot think of another JAV with a more powerful crossover other than IPZ-127. Perhaps, the also awesome SNIS-585 comes to mind, with Kojima Minami and Aoi Tsukasa. SNIS-585 perhaps has better action and sex scenes, but in terms of star power, it doesn’t even compare. IPZ-127 would win hands down.

Rio did her best stuff for Idea Pocket studio, and by 2013 she was already past her peak and declining, but still did this unforgettable JAV with so much success.

It doesn’t get more epic than this. 🙂

2. AVGL-109

AVGL-109 won a multitude of awards back in 2009. Like the 2009 AV Grand-Prix in several categories. Including best release, and the most sold JAV in 2008. Which launched Rio and Yuma Asami to unsuspected new heights of popularity (They were already on top JAV actresses by this time).

Probably it helped also to launch their careers in mainstream TV and cinema. For which they collaborated later on together in 2010, 2011, and onwards for a variety of Japanese tv-shows, and films. Mostly alongside with another old friend: Sora Aoi. So yeah, this was a profitable time to be an AV actress in Japan.

3. IPTD-930

IPTD-930 is so underrated,  yet so amazing. I fapped endlessly to this JAV back in 2012.

An already very very experienced RIO takes on the role of a school teacher. And she carries this JAV in a wide variety of situations and creative scenes.

At 26 years old, Rio was looking already a bit mature. Like more fitting to the role of an older sister, which she nails it here. She looks cute, charming, and funny all through this DVD.

Plus the production values are really good.

Honorable mentions: 

Rio jav

Rio Backstory

Rio started her career as Tina Yuzuki for the studio MAX-A, rather young with a very slim body, so her initial main fetish was a lolicon. Which she quickly changed to “glamour girl”, beautiful girl and such. Which it cannot be denied that she is a very attractive girl.

She was very popular since the beginning under the name of Tina Yuzuki, but her move to S1 studio forced her to change the name (for copyright issues). And yeah, is very unusual for a popular JAV actress to drop a stage name when they are very popular. Usually is the other way around, unpopular actresses drop and take new names at convenience.

After that, she joined Idea pocket for a very long stint of 7 years, for which she did a whole bunch of awesome JAV releases. Probably the most important actress IP studio ever had.

Other than that, Rio has also done appearances in mainstream Japanese tv and even appeared in a few movies.

Rio best JAV

What makes RIO special

Rio being half Japanese, and half Portuguese by mother side has a somewhat different and unique face. Her facial lines are more strong and her lips more pouty, more than other Japanese girls. But not crazily different. The difference is rather subtle if you guys catch my drift. In any case, incredibly pretty. Her sex scenes are godly, and she takes amazing facials.

Rio body is really awesome. She maintained her weight for almost all of her career. And she did let go a little bit by the end, which she accompanied with a short haircut. Which that’s fine by me, she still looked good. I think RIO did stay pretty all her career, and she retired at the right moment.

Right now, even in 2017 she still looks really good.

Rio mini-image gallery




Coming up

As a final note, Rio retirement video, IDBD-692, can be bought in R18 clicking here. It’s a 2878 min long, 60 GB beast, that given its size surely won’t be posted anywhere on the internet.

Available at R18 for 8 bucks, not a bad deal if we consider it’s 48 hours long of HD 3000kbps footage. Original title: Rio FINAL Debut 10th Anniversary and Retirement MIRACLE COMPLETE 48 Hours Box Set.

Any other Rio videos at R18 can be bought here.

Rio retirement video JAV

Next month I will do Shiina Sora. Although some people hate her, she has a very interesting career and a funny backstory.

At some point, I will do Aino Kishi and Okita Anri too.

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I have a question. You mentioned the poll made to choose the 100 best AV actresses, I have searched the results but I haven’t found them, if you have them you can make us a post?


Hi there! I really appreciate your work uploading such great material dude… Got one question not related with this post… But here we go ¿do you think there’s possibilities of Jun Amaki entering AV industry?


My favorite Rio videos are ONED-939 and ONED-955. Rio was at the pinnacle of her innocence and beauty. In ONED-939 she was dressed like a schoolgirl, which was REALLY sexy. And in both videos she took the best facials I’ve ever seen!

She gives an interview in the middle of ONED-955 and it’s something about her excitement of taking cumshots… I wish it could be translated


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