Muscat Back Street episode 4 (2017.10.25) – Muscat Shogi & Today’s Srry

Muscat Back Street episode 4 (2017.10.25) – Muscat Shogi & Today’s Srry

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24,991 views Posted: October 27, 2017

Muscat Back Street episode 4 (2017.10.25) - Muscat Shogi & Today's Srry

Episode 4 was truly hilarious, and easily the funniest so far for this season.

Natsume and Kirara carry the show as usual.

Aoi Sora included in the game (and Mihiro again) despite her being a PTA and not a muscat member, comes to confirm something I suspected. That these old muscats joined the show because there is an alarming lack of talent in the show who can actually talk or be funny to some degree.

Anyways, the episode was great, but conversely, the last skit with Aoi Tsukasa and Fujiwara Akino was kind of awkward… But then again with these two girls, it was kind of expected. In any case, Aoi is hot as f*g.

Apparently, Yua Mikami will be back next week. (Thank goodness).

Episode with subs:!xpkyFapI!QqZN4IcHa5HJ1EzjQmj3osJLDhHnTt5ih6oW0t48Goc
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6 years ago

Asuka Kirara and Aoi Sora at the same time is something epic. My two favorite Muscats ever.
In this episode returns the mistreated Natsume.
I’m happy to see Aoi Tsukasa again in this episode.Fujiwara is cute and very fun.

6 years ago

I found this site today. Thank you so much for sub Muscats.

The subtitle link of this episode is OFF