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Tia new face

Tia new face
Tia face: Before Vs After.

As many of you guys already know, Tia (ティア), recently made a trip to Korea and she changed her face quite a bit via plastic surgery. And now that the dust has settled, we can make a little before/after comparison.

Initially, I wanted to wait until she starts filming and releasing new AV titles with her new face to do this post. But I cannot freakin’ wait anymore, I just can’t.

Tia new face:

Definetively Tia looks much younger now.

new tia face after surgery
Big eyes much?, oh gawd…

Tia, before and after
First picture is funny, Tia standing behind her former self. LOL

Tia face evolution: 2010-2017

Late 2016

Mid 2015

2014. (Perhaps my favorite Tia Year)…

mid 2014



Early 2012

mid 2012


Late 2010. (OK, I could have picked a better photo, but she didn’t look in 2010 anyways, to be honest).

Conclusion: We can safely affirm, that Tia looked best just after joining S1 STYLE ONE studio, around 2014. And that probably is not the first time she sets foot on a plastic surgery clinic.

My 2 cents:

I feel Tia has undergone plastic surgery successfully before when she was the unknown Kurokawa Meisa, so she decided to go for it again. Except now she is Tia, the extremely popular girl and everybody noticed.

Also, there’s a difference between a little plasticky face that looks good (Asuka Kirara) and a full-retarded surgery makeover that looks Micheal Jackson (AIKA). One is forgivable, the other is a plain nightmare.

Tia new face rates probably in the middle. Some will like it, some won’t. She looks younger, but I don’t like her new eyes, and I like even less her new hair color.

Previously I said that Tia is one of the most beautiful girls in all the JAV industry. So to see her undergo plastic surgery is a bit overkill and unnecessary. And slightly disappointing.

Even worse was to see her leave SNIS studio and EBOD. And to see her wander minor JAV studios. Sad.

But anyways, Is Tia still a goddess? pretty much yes, she is still a really pretty girl.

Tia video from her Youtube channel, explaining how she destroyed her own face. (lol joke, she is allright 🙂 )

Tia Instagram: tiatan072

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30 Comments on "Tia new face"


Do you dislike AIKA?


Is DASD-392 her new face, or rather 2014-16 one?


Hi, Can you upload this video by Kanako Iioka, GASO-0041. Thank you


The new face is pretty but I prefer the old face.
Now he has bigger eyes but the older were more attractive.
The contour of the face is more regular but the thing I do not like is the new nose. It is a nose too turned up (I do not know if it says so).
Following his youtube channel, did I also understand about a breast surgery or, perhaps, did she mean that he had done it in the past?


Thanks for trying. I couldn’t find image videos on r18.com as well. I have a feeling that r18.com is not a comprehensive site for all jav. They seems to be missing quite a significant number of publishers.

On Tia, her new nose is so pronounced, it drawing all my attention to focus on it, not sure if I’m able to appreciate her new nose.


You should blog more. I enjoy reading your blog. Its entertaining and my only source of JAV information, aside from the visual


she look like more european now, at a glance look like Laura(Lora?) Takizawa


Did she retired from av? I hope not


What is your top ten prettiest jav girls?
Mine is erikamomotani and tia


Tia – she is very beautiful. I am a big fan of her (Y)
I hope she will come back soon
when will she come back?


Older is better.


I’m sad that we’re now missed one of most beautiful AV actress. Her face, body looks thin, her boobs also smaller and not attractive than before. I think its time for her to leave this industry.


Hi can u name all the stars in onsd-972 thanks


JAV Series:

JAV Actress: