Muscat Night Back Street episode 1 (2017.10.04) – Homeroom

Muscat Night Back Street episode 1 (2017.10.04) – Homeroom

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13,573 views Posted: October 8, 2017

It was worth the watch, even if it’s only to see to see Rio and Sora Aoi and Yuma back. :>

Lots of things happened:
– Muscat night fever is now muscat night back street.
– Mihiro will rejoin as kouhai.
– Asuka Kirara was appointed as 5th leader.
– Rio, Yuma and Aoi will join the team as PTA.
– New concert was announced for 12/29.

Some Muscats members retired and it is clear that the group has serious trouble finding replacements.

We already knew this since the group began to accept gravure idols, and tarentos and such some time ago. But its even more clear now.

And also clear by the fact that some members are rather untalented. But, don’t get me wrong. Despite the recent graduations, by all means, I think the current lineup is still really good.

So they have been forced to bring back old talent from the 1st generation. Also to appeal fans I guess.

Download link with Eng. subs:!QxkRwbQb!mc-PUxZuGaCv1iunpJpHu_NvQ6t9vilAQQfOadAEnUE

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6 years ago

Hello! The show is always fun for me.. I just watched the new episode on youtube, but I did not understand much without your subtitles, but they make me laugh for their expressions and reactions.

6 years ago

I do not resist tempting to watch the episodes just come out, but I always wait for you to add them to the site. In fact, I am curious to read the subtitles of the last episode.
If it was up to me, I’d add anything you have on Muscats XD

6 years ago

I’d watch any and all subbed muscat episodes you have, going all the way back to season 1. I understand a little Japanese, but it is hard to follow as you said. The old stuff was easier to watch without subs, just for the silly stuff like ogi-mama. Kawaii Koshien would be so much better if I understood it tho.

6 years ago

Reupload the files please. Thanks.

5 years ago

So… There is no chance of this episode be re-uploaded?