Muscat Night Fever episode 25 (2017.09.27) – Best of 7 scenes

Muscat Night Fever episode 25 (2017.09.27) – Best of 7 scenes

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17,247 views Posted: October 8, 2017

Episode 25 can be downloaded here:!pkU1wBTJ!NL4Ii9_ia7l4czjpIB5q58rCuHjfkDZf5EqcEwwQHxE

Fully subbed in English.

It was a pretty good episode, but that’s expected if we think it’s a compilation of past funny bits.

Also, I forgot to post a few past episodes, sorry for that, they can be downloaded here:

  1. Muscat Night Fever episode 22 (2017.09.06) – Idiot until Morning TV 3!kptG1aSK!3Q12HC-3oUjOTLuZIA9rl7mTNPvOmIy1xgVRQIXz9z8
  2. Muscat Night Fever episode 23 (2017.09.13) – General Election 3!Q01VQAzS!I3vwH65iueW-GmGTEeUaQSx9dyefHCgMSA8FX0s0-Ho
  3. Muscat Night Fever episode 24 (2017.09.20) – Ping Pong Battle vs Platinum 2!Q00HlbgT!MsW1yQB-20-vbEKrkXd23Mru-TUzN436e8PUBDKZDyg
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